Quad Biking – The Best Way to Wander Through The Woods

A walk through the woods, along a lake shore or across rolling hills is definitely something most of us enjoy and do it when we can. Many of us also enjoy riding a motorbike on a warm afternoon, feeling the accelerator respond almost instantly in your hand as you speed along the highway. If you’re one of the people who enjoy both of these past times then why not combine the two.

The woods, the lake and the hills, all the wonders of nature enjoyed from the back of a motorized quad bike. Zooming through tree-lined trails or up rugged mountain paths with the wind in your face and the beauty of nature all around you is fun that can be had by all. At activity centers all over the UK you’ll find quads for rent. The session is usually available in half day or full day excursions. It’s a guided tour, so there is no need to fear being lost or venturing into terrain that is beyond your skill level and may lead you to being stuck or have an accident. If members of your group are below 16 years of age they can ride tandem with a license vehicle operator.

All of the required safety clothing is provided: helmet and safety goggles. Long pants, a sleeved shirt and lace up shoes must be worn in order to participate. You will attend a short class covering the operation of the machine, a few tips should you find yourself stuck or accidentally shut off the motor and a briefing of the terrain area you’ll be riding through. Most of the adventure & activity providers in the U.K. equip the rider with 250cc size quad. This will be more than enough power for normal to heavy size riders to zip and speed through any terrain you find yourself in. So, if you find your weekend planned with the same old mundane events, or you have friends visiting who have always wanted to see a particular lake or nature preserve, think about heading out to the country to have a quad ride.

There are many centers that provide the service. Simply search the Internet for one near you. Maybe you want to experience a particular scenic venue that you’ve seen pictures of. There is probably a quad rental service in the area. Maybe you’ve rode a friend’s quad and you’ve thought of purchasing one for yourself. His was just too large for you. By renting one of the smaller models you might find that this is just the size you would need to feel safe and still run the highlands and backwoods with all the other free-spirited quad enthusiasts. Thousands of people all over the world enjoy this past time. You may be one of them and don’t even know it yet. Don’t just be a spectator, go rent a quad and feel the wind in your face and the aroma of the earth in your nose. Enjoy the freedom of flying like a bird without having to leave the ground.

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