Top-10 Cardiff Attractions

  1. Cardiff castle

Cardiff castle is one of the most important and visited locations in the capital city of wales. It was built nearly 2000 year old by Romans. Cardiff castle is well preserved by the country. The most significant and call to attention features of the castle are its state apartments.

The Arab Room is located in a tower, this time in the Herbert Tower, which Burges built up from a sixteenth-century wing.The Arab Room is breathtaking, largely because of its extraordinarily rich ceiling, sometimes described in terms of a honeycomb. But there is intricately patterned carving everywhere, in various materials — from the cornice to the chair backs to the marble panel over the fireplace. The geometrically designed ceiling, shine with gold leaf. In the Banqueting Hall the richness of the decor is absorbed to the extent that the room seems rather long and echoing. Its main glory is its wonderful hammerbeam roof, inspired by church architecture, with its heraldry and angels.

The Octagon Tower with its distinctive wooden spire, has the only Burges staircase in the castle. At the top of this Tower is another small but lavishly decorated room, this time with a Chaucerean theme. But perhaps the pleasantest room of all is the Library, with its rich, warm tones.

If you are short of time. It is advisable to join an organization or a trip for visiting this site. Pre admission before the visit benefit in access to all the castle location mentioned above. Purchase a Cardiff Castle Admission in advance of your visit.

Address: Castle Street, Cardiff, Wales

Official site:

  1. The “City of Arcades”

A very rushy Victorian shopping arcade. These fascinating and old cover buildings were setup to help residents and visitor to enjoy indoor shopping without concerning about weather or road conditions and sidewalks. These arcades are placed on the city center.

The total length of Cardiff’s city center arcades is 797m (2,655 ft). After visiting Cardiff castle the best way to start exploration is from royal arcade built in 1885. The opening of the Royal Arcade in 1858was the first indoor arcade built in Cardiff, significantly increased the number of shops in Cardiff. You may find limitless choices of Welsh crafts and woolen goods.

If your Cardiff travel itinerary allows, be sure to take in one or two more arcades.

Few prominent arcades are:

Castle Arcade opened in 1887 and is a Grade II* Listed building. The Castle arcade runs from opposite Cardiff Castle to High Street, north of St Mary St, in the Castle Quarter. The arcade has a variety of small boutique shops as well as cafes and delicatessens, and fair-trade and organic shops. Central Market was designed by the county engineer William Harpur. 349 stalls were in the original layout. The market opened in 1891.The market consists of two shopping levels, a ground floor and a balcony level which wraps around the market exterior walls on the interior. Traders in the market offer a variety of fresh produce, cooked food, various delicacies and more durable goods.

Duke Street Arcade opened in 1902 is a Grade II Listed building. Duke Street Arcade joins High Street arcade, and is just opposite Cardiff Castle, in the Castle Quarter. Duke Street Arcade is lined with stores including hairdressers, bridal shops and Welsh gift shops. Morgan Arcade opened in 1896. Morgan Arcade is the said to be best preserved of Cardiff’s arcades, with first-floor Venetian windows and original slender wooden storefronts.It has shops such as The Plan, which specialises in organic and Fair Trade food. Neals yard, next door, sells organic herbal skin care and body care products.

  1. Cardiff Bay

So massive it may effortlessly take the great a part of a day to discover properly-it occupies a few 2, seven hundred acres of waterfront land-Cardiff Bay is properly worth the expenditure of time and energy. Covering quite a lot the complete former dockyards, the Cardiff Bay redevelopment-certainly considered one among the most important in Europe-is home to masses of fun things to do, mainly if you are visiting with kids.

Cardiff has a number places to visit but some of the most highlighted include

Techniquest with 160 different interactive exhibits, a planetarium and science theatre there really is something for everyone here. The science discovery centre even hosts ‘after hours’ events for adults.Techniquest operates exhibitions, shows and programmes intended to make science accessible to people throughout Wales, and to improve the quality of public debate about science and technology.So if you are someone interested in science and technology this one’s for you.

Ianto’s Shrinelocated on the boardwalk of Cardiff Bay’s Mermaid Quay lies a shrine to a man who existed only in fiction, in the TV drama ‘Torchwood’. His name was Ianto Jones, and this memorial sprung up shortly after his televised death. If you’re a ‘Torchwood’ fan, you can’t miss this.

For those who enjoy walking, you won’t be disappointed. You could spend hours walking the many parks and paths here, some of which lead through a wetlands preserve with plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities.

Address: Queen Alexandra House, Cargo Road, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales

Official site:

  1. Wale Millennium Centre

If you’re a fan of any of the creative arts, this is the place to visit.

There’s always a big show to watch. The centre houses theatres for musicals, opera, ballet and other events as well as cafes and arts organisations.The site covers a total area of 4.7 acres. If you are looking for things to do at night in Cardiff, this is the place. It is located at Cardiff bay as well and if you are unable to make it to any of their shows you may have to explore the centre as other activities include workshops, lectures, educational events and shopping experiences. You will be provided with guide tour to help you understand the location well.

Address: Bute Place, Cardiff Bay, Wales

Official site:

  1. Llandaff cathedral

Llandaff Cathedral was built in the 1300s on the ruins of the original structure built some 200 years earlier.It is perhaps the best-recognized of Cardiff’s many pretty churches-and genuinely one worth visiting-attractive site in Cardiff.

It’s a pleasure to tour, worthwhile the adventurous tourist with a pleasing look at a landmark that has drawn worshippers from throughout united states because the instances of Bishop Urban, the cathedral’s founder.

Exterior part of the cathedral includes a tower 28 feet (8.5 m) long, 15 feet (4.6 m) wide and 20 feet (6.1 m) high. The Llandaff cathedral consists of low, narrow aisles with an apsidal porticus measuring 12 feet (3.7 m) long on the inside. A tour guide might help you to explore more of the cathedral from the inside as it includes an exquisite and fully-restored 18th-century Italian Temple, notable for its rare religious sculptures and artifacts.

Address: Cathedral Road, Cardiff, Wales

Official site:

  1. Principality Stadium

The stadium is owned by Millennium Stadium plc, a subsidiary company of the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU).The architects were Bligh Lobb Sports Architecture.The total construction cost of the stadium was £121 million. It’s mostly famous for hosting rugby matches.

If you’re interested in sports, attempt to take in a rugby match at the close principality stadium at Cardiff Arms Park. And if that’s not possible-the Welsh take their rugby seriously, thus matches typically sell out (especially international matches)-at least choose a tour of this state-of-the-art stadium. Highlights of an informative organized tour include behind-the-scenes peeks into the national rugby team’s change rooms and the tunnels that lead to the pitch, moreover as the vip and press facilities.

When not hosting rugby football games, the venue is commonly used for major music artists passing through Cardiff whereas travelling.

Address: Westgate Street, Cardiff, Wales

Official site:

  1. Caerphilly Castle

The beautifully structures and attractive caerphilly Castle a convenient 15-minute drive north of the city. Built in 1628 and the largest castle in the country ever since, it served as part of the network of castles built by the English to keep control over the much-coveted Welsh countryside. The 2 large drawbridges that, together with the deep moat they cross once down, present an imposing portrait of the castle’s daunting in order-to keep out the enemy.

Exploringthe interior provides a close look at a variety of displays of old weaponry and armor.

A lot of it was actually used in war as well as interesting displays relating to everyday life for those who ruled the castles once, and those they ruled over.

Address: Castle Street, Caerphilly, Wales

Official site:

  1. Cardiff International white water

Beyond rich in history Cardiff has a lot more fun tourist attractions. One of which is international white water, fortunately a place for sports enthusiast or people who love to have fun. Cardiff International White Water offers a wide variety of experiences and programs for professional and amateur adventurers alike. The fun place was actually built for 2012 Olympics. This unique facility consists of a man-made white water environment whose 250-meter course can be adjusted to suit the experience, whether it’s a gentle family rafting trip or a full-on hardcore canoe or kayak heart-stopper.

This is best choice family with younger kids. They also make people learn basics like paddling before further obstacles.Other extreme sports fun here includes surfing, canyoning, and bodyboarding.

Address: Watkiss Way, Cardiff, Wales

Official site:

  1. St. Fagans National Museum of History

If you are still yearning to learn after visiting all other museums and castles. Cardiff presents you another rich in history and heritage museum. This fascinating open-air attraction is very much a living museum, with costumed characters demonstrating the kind of traditional skills and crafts that helped shape the country.

Highlights of museum are;you can see museum which stands in the grounds of the magnificent St Fagans Castle and gardens, a late 16th-century manor house donated to the people of Wales by the Earl of Plymouth in 1948.

Over forty original historic buildings which were re-erected in the 100-acre parkland, among them are also houses, a farm, a school, a chapel and a splendid Workmen’s Institute.

The galleries in the museum allow you to do things in different through play, sharing online or by making things yourself by hand.Traditional crafts and activities bring St Fagans alive, in workshops where craftsmen still demonstrate their traditional skills.

Location: Cathays Park, Cardiff

Official site:

  1. Roath Park

Long, narrow Roath Park rivals Bute Park as Cardiff’s favorite green space. The third marquess of Bute gifted the land to the city in 1887, when the marsh at its northern end was dammed to create the 30-acre Roath Park Lake, the park’s central feature. The rest was laid out in the Victorian style, with rose gardens, tree-lined paths, lawns and wild nooks. A lighthouse was added to the lake in 1915 as a memorial to ill-fated Antarctic explorer Robert Scott.

Popular with swans, cormorants and geese, the park is a lovely spot for a stroll and a picnic; however, if you fancy something a little more diverting, there are cafes, playgrounds, bowling greens, tennis courts and basketball courts, along with boating and fishing opportunities on the lake.

Official site:

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